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 some of the 2001 lambs in July 2001

The Nutwood flock of pedigree Jacobs was founded in 1994 when we bought a flock of fifteen ewes, shearlings and ewe lambs from someone who was giving up keeping sheep. Initially their function was to graze 8 acres of pasture we had bought in north Wocestershire. What we did not anticipate was that a little hobby flock would take over our lives and become a part time business..

With retention of our best ewe lambs and occasional purchases we have increased the breeding flock to around fifty ewes grazing thirty acres.

The Nutwood flock is wholly of the two horn variety.

Our breeding aims are to improve the size, conformation and fleece of our sheep and we have found that careful selection of rams has given us consistent improvement over the years.

 Bertha - one of the original flock with twins 2001
 crossbred ewe lambs ready for market - June 2001 Before foot and mouth in 2001 we also used a Dorset Down ram on a proportion of the flock to give us some faster growing lambs for earlier marketing. Although we no longer do this we still have one black ewe and one black lamb in the flock.
Crossing almost any breed with a Jacob will give a black lamb with just a hint of white somewhere on it.