Whole or half lamb freezer packs delivered to your home or office
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2013 lamb


Last chance for 2013 lamb

We have lamb available for delivery on Thursday 20 February 2014 which can be ordered online on the form below,

or by email at

or by phone on 0121 414 1422.

Jacob lamb is hard to beat for flavour but it can be hard to find.
Without exception, our customers always come back for more.
The true test of a quality product!

This is because Nutwood Lamb
is killed and butchered locally and hung for ten days to allow it to develop its full flavour and tenderness.

It is available as a standard pack or cut to your own requirements.

The delivery area for Nutwood Lamb is Birmingham, West Midlands and adjacent areas of Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Staffordshire.

Please complete the online order form
or contact us on 0121 414 1422 for details of current availabilty.

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 Whole Lamb Family Pack - £115

Preferred delivery date
Two shoulders, one boned and rolled the other left whole; one leg whole and the other halved; 12 loin chops; 12 cutlets; 1 pack of lamb mince.

 Half Lamb Family Pack - £60

Preferred delivery date
One shoulder boned and rolled; One leg cut into 2 roasting joints; 6 loin chops; 6 cutlets; 1 pack of lamb mince.

 Whole Lamb Custom Pack - £120

Preferred delivery date
Two shoulders, whole, halved or boned and rolled; Two legs, cut in any combination of joints or Gigot steaks; 12 loin chops; saddle may be left whole, cut in racks etc. to suit your requirements; neck, chump, breast etc. supplied in traditional form.

Following confirmation of your order we will contact you by email or telephone to discover exactly how you would like your lamb cut.

 When your order is complete - please view your basket and proceed to check out