Why Keep Jacobs?

Jacobs are an ideal breed for the novice shepherd or where time is at a premium. They are hardy sheep which require the minimum of housing. They make excellent mothers, seldom requiring assistance with lambing, and having plenty of milk to rear twins and triplets successfully.

Although the lambs are slower to mature than some commercial breeds, the meat is lean and tasty. It is available from a few discerning butchers around the country and most members should be able to give details of a source of supply in their area.

The Jacob Sheep Society is a useful source of advice and expertise and, with around 900 members in the UK, there is bound to be someone in your locality who is willing to help you get started.

Jacob breeders are happy to encourage newcomers to the breed and many will have surplus breeding stock for sale. 

There are also regional and national sales organised by the Jacob Sheep Society where the entries are vetted for conformation with the breed standards and fitness for sale.

For further information on the Jacob breed and the benefits of membership of the Jacob Sheep Society click on the logo to the right and visit the Society's website.

The Jacob Sheep Society